How to Remove Blackheads Naturally

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remove-blackheads-naturallyBlackheads are one of the worst types of acne because once a pore is blocked, the blackheads often stay. If left untreated, they may grow larger and larger until they are seen from distances further and further away. People will begin to notice these even when they are talking to you from a few feet away and will be unable to focus on their conversation. Instead, they will be staring are your unsightly blackhead.

As a result, it is not surprising people want to know how to remove blackheads. Not surprisingly, any time a health issue is concerned, there is a group of the population that wants to do it naturally, as the side effects and cost of more mainstream medical treatments is not always appealing.

Via Strips

One way that is sort of natural to remove blackheads is to use strips. These are sticky strips that you can place on the blackhead and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. The adhesive binds to the blackhead, so when the tape is removed, the blackhead sticks to the tape. This works best if you soak your blackheads or face in warm water, as this opens up the pores. Naturally you will need to dry off the skin before you start though.

Physical Extraction

A more natural method than strips of getting rid of blackheads is to use physical extraction. By putting pressure on all sides of the blackhead, it can be squeezed out of the skin. Doing this with your fingers is often painful and may irritate and inflame the skin so this is not recommended.

Instead, you can get a small metal tool called a comedone extractor that can make this process much less likely to damage nearby skin. It actually works quite well if you get used to using it. You just have to do it regularly in order to maintain the results, as pores will continue to get blocked over time.

Natural Remedies

Natural topicals are not very good at removing blackheads. The only thing that might work is lemon juice, and even then, it is not likely to work well. There is nothing with strong enough dissolving power that can actually break up a blackhead.

Unnatural Means

While it is not a natural means, you should consider a face wash with salicylic acid. The salicylic acid will help dissolve the blockage that is a blackhead and help open up the pores. Every day when you use a face wash of this variety your pores will become clearer and clearer until the blackhead is gone entirely.

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